Eddy Marshall – Eddy Marshall (2016)

“Music from our hearts to yours”. That’s how Berklee Colleges’ of Music native band “Eddy Marshall” describes themselves. With notorious influences from Paul Simon, Hillary Reynolds and Robbie Schaefer; the band formed by Eddy Marshall (Vocals, Guitar), Zach Ivy (Violin, Vocals), Cara Wehmhoefer (Vocals), Katie Henkel (Vocals, Piano/Organ), Theo Brierley (Bass), Felix Nicholson (Drums) and Elizabeth Anderson (Fiddle) gifts us their newest release: “Eddy Marshall”. A venture that takes us back to the good old days of Simon and Garfunkel (Seriously guys, I thought “Here’s the reason why was a cover). A feat nicely accomplished through their folk melodies, calm building pace and carefree vibe. Their use of slowly building atmospheres and the change in mood throughout the album; makes this one a piece you can’t stop listening to.

The album starts off to an upbeat and relaxed vibe with the opening of “I wonder”. Apart from setting the frame, in terms of vibe, for the rest of the album; the song contains some beautiful and simple lyrics, a trend that is revisited through the whole album. For example:

“I wonder why it’s all the same to me
Give or take who knows the days
I wonder yes I do wonder
Do they wonder too “


From the end of the first track, you can see that the formula of carefree/mellow/carefree/mellow is a constant on the EP. “It doesn’t matter know” has a beautiful build up that begins merely with guitar and voice, the old campfire formula gives you chills up your spine when you hear Eddy mutter:

“It doesn’t matter now
I’m lost and you moved out
It doesn’t matter now
It doesn’t matter now “

The magnus opus and core of the album is the Christmasy feeling (and I do believe that you guys should release a Christmas album) “Come Over Here”, it starts slow, and becomes intense. The instruments add up in a slow fashion and the stage is set for my favourite part of the album, a song of surrender, a song of realizing that there’s something bigger out there. Is it love? Perhaps. This song made a tough guy like me have a funny feeling on my stomach, and that ain’t no easy feat.

“And your sighs light me up
Like lightning in the sky
I’ll burn my riches
I need you tonight “

Overall, you can see how much I loved this release. It’s a new sound, I don’t think that Eddy Marshall has a sound that can be easily found on the radio, their carefree vibe is something remarkable and the clean tone of their songs stands out in a sea of music dominated by lack of dynamic range and auto-tuned vocals. Truly, a way to look back to our roots.

You can have more from Eddy Marshall by visiting their website (Yes, I never thought I’d have something to do with a band that has a website).


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